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Pillow talk - hojo1690
Pillow talk
SqueakSqueak is surely the most vocal of the kitties who've shared our lives.  Yuki was part Siamese, and was prone to talk a bit, but Squeak is our "Verbal Girl".  I don't know if it's particular to her breed, or whether it's just her.   She has a huge variety of vocalizations, as well as a wonderful exasperated "huff".

So, Squeak had been waking me up at about 5:30am all week, asking for wet food.  Like most kitties, she feels that the dry food in the tower just doesn't taste right at sun-up, and she must have wet food instead.  She's been a little bossy and loud, as she tries to wake me up.  I've been trying to teach her better manners.  If she meows too loudly, I'll whisper "Shh... quiet". If she persists, I'll say "No", and push her off the bed.  She usually comes back a few minutes later, a little better-mannered.

She was kind this morning.  She let me sleep until nearly 7:30.  Then, sure 'nuff, she was standing on my chest.  "Brrp.  Mrrr.  *purr*  *purr*  *makes biscuits*  Uh oh.  Mrrehh."  She was a little loud, so I whispered "Shh, quiet."  She persisted.  "Brreh. Uh oh.  Mrooow.  Uh oh."   She was still a little loud, so I whispered "No..."  She immediately got quiet and demure, so I didn't push her out of bed.  "Uh oh", she said, meekly.   I was still out of it, and dozed off with her standing on my chest.

Now, it would seem odd that a kitty would say "uh oh", but it's actually one of the most consistent and understandable things she says.  We've always called to the kitties as we put down wet food.  We'd holler "Snackie!" or "Dinner!" and they would come running.  Squeak was a little confused by this, at first, but eventually caught on.  Interestingly, I noticed that when I would say "snackie" as I was putting down her bowl, she would often respond "uh oh".  After a few days of it, I pointed it out to Jules.  She said "No way!"  She went into the kitty room, and said "Squeak, do you want a snackie?"  Squeak ran into the room and said "Uh oh!".   So, now, we call them "Uh oh's" too.

"Uh oh.   Mrrrp.  *purr* *purr*".   Squeak was still standing on my chest.  I had fallen back asleep again.  I reached up, more asleep than awake, and gently stroked her forehead.  She purred, as my hand limply fell back to my chest and I nodded off.  

I was awakened a moment later, as she shoved her head under my hand, and lifted it, stroking her own head with my limp hand.  "Oh oh" she said.   I began to chuckle.  She bounced up and down on my chest, as her big green eyes grew large like saucers.   I scritched her ears, and my eyes became heavy again.  They had nearly closed, when she stepped forward and pressed her nose within an inch of mine.  I opened my eyes in surprise, as she glared at me with her piercing green eyes.  "UHHHH OHHHH!" she screamed, and followed it up with a huge "*HUFF*, exhaling so hard that I got kitty spit on my face.  I burst out laughing, and got up to feed her.

A while later, Jules and I were spooning.  Squeak was curled up between our tangled legs.  I was beginning to wake up, but Jules was still sleepy.  I related the story to her, as she lay half in and out of sleep.  She smiled and began to doze off again. "Uh oh?"  I said.  She smiled.  I picked up her limp hand, and rubbed my own forehead with it.  She chuckled, and lay with her eyes closed and her back to me.  I could see she was waking up.   Still, the bed was warm and cozy.  It felt good to lie there.

"Did you sleep well?" I whispered.   I got no response, though I was pretty sure she was awake. 
I repeated, "Did you sleep well?"  
"Ya... didn't you see me nod?" 
"Oh, no, I had my eyes closed, and didn't hear the marbles rattle."
"I lost those years ago," she replied, with a relaxed sigh.
"Oh?  Maybe we should get you some new ones."
"Naa.  Don't bother."

We both fell back asleep.

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