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The observer - hojo1690
The observer
So, it happened again.  It happens a few times every semester.  I had an "observer" peek into my kickbox class.

The setup is familiar, though this time it involved Zumba moves.  I was in the middle of my more complicated kickboxing choreography when the music changed.  I've stuck a very fast Merengue Zumba song in the middle of my play list.  Without prelude or explanation, we suddenly transition from kickboxing to Zumba!

The class is shuffling side to side, wiggling hips and having fun.  The song is blisteringly fast.  I queue a little through the first few rounds, and then rely on hand signals.  We're flying back and forth doing Salsas, V-steps, double-steps, and of course the "Booty".

At a particular point in the music, I scream "Booty" and we all turn to the side, thrust one arm in the air, and pump the other to the side, and well... shake our booties.  Big time.  8 counts later, we clap, hop, turn, and shake 'em the other way.  Then we transition into lunges, and the dance continues.

Surprise_Surprise_Gotcha_071015100325963_wideweb__300x375,1So, of course, it had to to be in the Booty that I looked up in the window to see The Observer.  Me, the middle-aged hippy-looking instructor with the ponytail and 30 participants are wiggling our butts vigorously toward the mirror as he peeked in the window wondering what my Kickbox class is all about.

It suffices to say that I don't expect him to be coming to class any time soon. lol

I swear to god, no one ever looks in the window when we're punching, kicking and being badass.  It's always when we're goofing around!

This isn't exactly my choreography.  Mine is more vigorous, but you can see an example of The Booty at 0:50

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