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Of roofs and motors - hojo1690
Of roofs and motors
The roofing work is progressing, slowly.  I took a 4 day weekend over the 4th to work on it.  I got the back side finished, and the dormer re-roofed, though I had to replace some rotted roofing and soffets.  This weekend, I worked on caulking and painting.  I just need to do the finish coat on the trim now, and cover up the primer.  The roof looks like crap, already, because I've had to walk on it so much to work on the dormer.  It's also got a lot of debris on it from the dormer project.  Had I been thinking, I would have done the dormer first.  Ahh well.  Live and learn.

I also managed to get the trim work done on the lawn - Jules had cut it on Monday, and I just didn't make the time to come off the roof and do the trim until Saturday.  This evening, Jules and I also trimmed the forsythia in front a little, and cut a few branches off the evergreen in front.  It will need more serious trimming as I begin to work on the roof in front.  It's overhanging the roof badly, and causing the roof to retain moisture and grow surface mold.  

Friday, I stopped by Ithaca Scooter to check in some signage for the Rally next weekend.  I got back on my scooter to discover the rear tire was flat.  Doh!  Fortunately, I had gotten my spare mounted on the bike a few weeks ago, so I had it ready to go.  I swapped tires and drove it home.  I had purchased new whitewalls a few weeks back.  I was creeping up on 3000 miles on the old tires, and conventional wisdom is that 3000 is the limit.  Well, I checked.  The back tire blew at 2960.   Damn good conventional wisdom! lol.   I decided to mount both whitewalls right away.  I'm glad I did.  When I checked the front tire, it was thin-thin-thin.  It was gonna blow real soon, I'm sure.  That could have been unpleasant!   Anyway, the bike is looking smart and classic with the whitewalls on it.  I even washed it for this picture.  It'll look nice for the Rally next weekend.

Meanwhile, the mechanical adventures never cease.  I discovered the root cause of my problems getting it to start when hot.  The flywheel had slipped a little, throwing off the ignition timing.  I fixed that earlier in the week.   It was running really sweet after that, so on Friday night (on my way to the scooter place) I opened it up on a few hills, and really wound out the engine a little.  I felt an odd lurching and realized, finally, what it was.  My clutch is slipping.  It's the only thing that I did NOT rebuild when I re-did the bike.  Well, fortunately, the rebuild isn't difficult.  I ordered up the parts for it on Saturday.

Also, I'm trying to get the moped sorted out for Jules.  She'd love to have it on the road for Grassroots.  I don't know if I can make it, but I'm giving it a shot.  I finally got the engine un-seized on Friday night, after some gratuitous violence with an iron stake and a 10 pound block of steel.  I did some research, and ordered up a new cylinder kit for it this evening.  While I'm waiting for that to come in, I'll try to spend some evenings getting the gas tank online, and the other mechanicals on the bike in order.  The tires are holding air, and the gearing and brakes seem OK.  The throttle is sticking like hell.  I ordered a new cable on spec.  I have to tear into the handlebars and see what the problem is.   It's been a fun little project.  The moped is infinitely simpler than the scooter.  Still, it would be more fun if it wasn't a rush.  On the other hand, sometimes it's good to have a deadline!

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