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Thoughts on Gun Control - hojo1690
Thoughts on Gun Control
Over the last few days,since the incident at Newtown, I've seen tempers flaring on social media.  Friends are unfriending each other, cranky posts are shooting back and forth.  Infographics defending both sides are scrolling by about as fast as I can read them.  This tragedy has triggered a national dialog, long overdue.

I'd say our country is swinging more and more toward the liberal side lately.  As these tragedies mount up, the voting populace will most likely come down on the side of gun control.  If not inspired by this tragedy, then by the next, or the next, or the next.

I'm seeing a similarity, here, which is making me want to post this.  The similarity is to the recent presidential election.  In my opinion, the republicans brought a rubber chicken to a shooting match because their party was so wrapped up in Tea Party and Fox News rhetoric that they sorta stopped paying attention to actually making coherent arguments, based on truth.  The voting public noticed.

As I watch the pro-gun stuff scrolling by on my facebook feed, I see the same sort of thing happening.  They're not addressing the problem.  They're throwing up their "Cold dead fingers" rhetoric, and 2nd amendment arguments, rather actually acknowledging there is a problem, or offering a solution.  Just today, I saw about 4 links to articles from angry pro-gun people that basically said "Gun control doesn't work."  OK, fine.  What does?

So, let's break this down.

Problem to be solved:
  1) 10,000+ innocent American citizens are killed due to gun volience and accidents each year, WAY in excess of other developed nations. 
       This number must be reduced to be on par with other developed nations.

  1) Pro-gun people wish to continue owning guns. 



OK, pro-gun friends.  Let's hear it.  I've got a few ideas, but they're really not important.  If we're to have a "national dialog", then both parties have to be thinking.  I don't see the pro-gun side doing that.  I see the pro-gun side being angry and defensive, recycling old arguments that seem weaker every time one of these things happen.

In a movie that many of us enjoyed, Yoda reminded Luke to remember the lesson in the cave.  The one about keeping emotions and check and maintaining reason.   Yoda was right.

Pro-gun folks, if you won't set aside emotion, and acknowledge this problem and work toward a reasoned answer, the Liberall solution will cut you down.

Remeber the cave.

Think about the problem.  Suggest a solution that'll work.
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emt_hawk From: emt_hawk Date: December 17th, 2012 02:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't know.

What I have noticed is that there is a trend towards less gun ownership, in general, and what happens is that we are caught by the ones who do have access to guns.

Establishments are declaring themselves "gun free," which means that if you're law-abiding, you don't bring a gun to them. The theater in Colorado was gun-free, IIRC. Schools are gun free, but don't make the really unpleasant decisions necessary to ensure that others obey that decision.

People who have the intent to kill people don't pay attention to ownership or access laws or anything other than how to kill someone.

Guns aren't the only thing that we can use to kill someone.

I don't know how to fix the problem. What I do know is that we, across the board, are more barraged by the media regarding things like this. Before the internet, you might see it on the "Six O'Clock News" and in the newspaper. Not a minute by minute full coverage with color, play by play.

I'm not even sure we can fix the problem.

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